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Rear Admiral George TOBIN, R.N.

(My great great great grand uncle; brother of John Tobin (1770-1804), author of "The Honeymoon" link, link, link)

Born: 1768
Married: Dorothy, widow of Major Duff, 26th Foot, and daughter of Capt. Skelly, R.N.
Died: 1838

George Tobin's memoir of Bligh's second breadfuit voyage 1791-93, on which he was Third Lieutenant on the Providence. Edited by Roy Schreiber. Illustrated with watercolors by George Tobin.

Captain Bligh's Second Chance. Chatham Publishing, London; Naval Institute Press, Washington; UNSW Press, Sydney (2007) vii+184 pp.

Description of Bligh's second breadfruit voyage based heavily on George Tobin's memoir. By Douglas Oliver. Illustrated with watercolors by George Tobin.

Return to Tahiti: Bligh's Second Breadfruit Voyage. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu (1988). xxii+282 pp.

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