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Charles Armitage Brown

(One of my 16 great great great grandfathers; the 'friend of Keats').)

Born: 1787 April 14, Lambeth, London.
Son: Charles ('Carlino') Brown
Died: 1842 June 5, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Myself, Helen Baker from Christchurch, and the bust of our common ancestor Charles Armitage Brown at Keats House, September 2009, at the launch of Sue Brown's biography of Jospeh Severn.

Link to Joseph Severn, a life.

Link to new letters. from Brown to Joseph Severn.

Link to Keats House.

Link to Jane Campion's film Bright Star, in which Brown appears. Brown is portrayed with a character and temperament which are absolutely necessary for the dramatic action of the film, but which are much-different from those that I infer from reading his letters.

Photos of a ceremony at Brown's grave on Marsland Hill, New Plymouth, on 2011 April 2.

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